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GeoGebra is a free mathematics software package which is used by teachers of mathematics in classrooms across the world. GeoGebra can be used to enhance student learning by providing students with a dynamic view of key mathematics principles. While its benefits in teaching geometry is clear from the start, it is also really useful in teaching of trigonometry, probability, statistics, number, algebra and functions.

You can find lots of useful videos and manuals on how to use GeoGebra in a classroom below.

Geogebra Videos

Download Geogebra

Overview on how to download and install Geogebra on your PC/ Laptop. (Duration: 2 mins)

Installing Java

Installing Java for Geogebra

This video provides an overview of how to install Java which is needed by GeoGebra.
If Java is already installed on your PC/Laptop you do not need to worry about this. (Duration: 3 mins)

Download multiple versions of Geogebra

Downloading and Installing Multiple Versions of GeoGebra

This video provides details of how to quickly install GeoGebra on several computers.
This may be useful if installing a class set of GeoGebra in your school's computer room. (Duration: 3 mins)

Setting up Geogebra for the classroom

Setting up GeoGebra for the Classroom

This video describes how to set GeoGebra up for demonstration in the classroom.
This includes changing the default view, increasing the font size, turning on and off the grid
and axes and much more. (Duration: 4 mins)

Moving & Scaling the Graphics View

Moving and Scaling the Graphics View

This video provides details of how to move and scale the axes in GeoGebra.
This may be useful if you want to centre the graph of a function or if the graph of
a function doesn't fully fit onscreen. (Duration: 3 mins)

Construction: Perpendicular Bisector of a Line

Construction: Perpendicular Bisector of a Line

This video shows how to construct the perpendicular bisector of a line segment. It also shows users
how to measure angles and lengths of line segments. (Duration: 5 mins)

Introduction to Geometry with GeoGebra

Inserting an image into GeoGebra



Introduction to circles with GeoGebra


Using GeoGebra for Statistics



Geogebra packs

Using Geogebra for Functions & Calculus (updated April 2013 for Geogebra 4.2)

Using Geogebra for Geometry (updated April 2013 for Geogebra 4.2)

Using Geogebra for Probability & Statistics (updated April 2013 for Geogebra 4.2)


Modular Course Notes for Geogebra

Geogebra for Strands 1 & 2 of the Project Maths Syllabus

Geogebra for Strands 3, 4 & 5 of the Project Maths Syllabus


Geogebra Tutorials

To Demonstrate how the Equation of a Circle changes as the Radius changes.

How to use the Function Inspector in Geogebra

To use the Probability calculator in GeoGebra to demonstrate the Empirical Rule

How to use a slider and Latex Text to deomonstrate the Trigonometry Ratios


Using the Calculator

How to make the most of the calculator in the classroom.

Casio calculators (Zip File 26Mb) | Sharp calculators (Zip File 11Mb)

Casio Sharp


Notes on Using the TI-Nspire Calculator

You might like to view some of the “Quick Look” videos on the TI-Nspire  website. In the space of a minute or two they capture very succinctly key topics such as graphs, geometry and calculus – with about a dozen short videos ready to play. You can view the videos here:

(Note: These calculators are prohibited for use in the State Examinations in Ireland)