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This strand builds on the learners’ experience in junior cycle where they were formally introduced to the concept of a function as that which involves a set of inputs, a set of possible outputs and a rule that assigns one output to each input. The relationship between functions and algebra is further emphasised and learners continue to connect graphical and symbolic representations of functions. They are introduced to calculus as the study of how things change and use derivatives to solve various kinds of real-world problems. They learn how to go from the derivative of a function back to the function itself and use such methods to solve various geometric problems, such as computation of areas of specified regions.

-Leaving Certificate Syllabus page 41

General Resources for Functions
The following teaching and learning plans are available:

Exponential Function
Differential Calculus
Integral Calculus
Resources from the Junior Cycle page may be useful for teaching the Foundation Level Syllabus.
Some useful resources for teaching Algebra can be found on the Workshop and Event Resources Page, in particular,  Algebra through the lens of Functions (2019 – 2020), NQT Workshop 5 (2018 – 2019), Project Maths Workshop 5 , Workshop 7, Workshop 8, Workshop 9,  Modular Course 3, Modular Course 5  (2008 – 2015) and Seminar (2014 – 2015).
GeoGebra tutorials on using the Graphing Calculator may useful for the teaching of Functions.
These mindmaps present a summary of the statistical concepts for Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level and Leaving Certificate Higher Level.
There are a range of lesson plans developed by teachers available in our Lesson Study Library.
There are a range of resources created by teachers available on Scoilnet to support teaching and learning of Functions.
Resources by Syllabus Outcome

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Outcome 5.2