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About GeoGebra

GeoGebra is a free, dynamic, easy to use Maths software package. It used by teachers and students in classrooms all around the world to promote enquiry-based learning in Maths and to support a constructivist approach to learning.

A basic understanding of GeoGebra combined with a pedagogical approach may be used to enhance students’ experience of learning Maths. GeoGebra provides a platform for students to become independent learners and take ownership to their Maths.

Getting Started

To download the GeoGebra app or to use GeoGebra online please visit the GeoGebra website by clicking here.

You can work with an online version by choosing the appropriate app and clicking ‘start’. To work offline, choose the relevant app and click ‘download’ then follow the setup instructions.

If you would like additional support on the effective use of GeoGebra in the classroom please contact us at

GeoGebra Classroom

GeoGebra Classroom is a virtual platform through which teachers can assign interactive tasks for students, monitor student progress and facilitate student discussion. To get started using GeoGebra Classroom click here.

GeoGebra Resources

These are a selection of GeoGebra resources developed by the Post-Primary Maths Team. The intention is that in highlighting these examples, you might identify ideas you feel will work for your students and your context, take these ideas and apply them when you’re teaching other topics in Maths.

GeoGebra Files & Instructional Videos – Calculus

These are examples from our remote learning sample unit ‘Teaching Calculus for Understanding’. The full set of resources along with detailed descriptions on how you might implement these resources can be found by clicking here.

Non Constant Rates of Change

Usain Bolt World Record Run

Click here to access this file through the GeoGebra website.

Instantaneous Rates of Change

Victoria Pendleton Warm Up Cycle

Click here to access this file through the GeoGebra website.

First Principles

Finding a derivative using First Principles

Click here to access this file through the GeoGebra website.

General Rule for Differentiation

Exploring the derivative of a Quadratic Function

Click here to access this file through the GeoGebra website.

Resources & Instructions for GeoGebra Classic 5

These resources are developed as a guide to using the Classic 5 version of GeoGebra. To download Classic 5 follow the link to the GeoGebra website above, find the Classic 5 app and click on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ option.

To help you get started here are some short videos which explain the basics of GeoGebra Classic 5.
Instructional Videos on the use of GeoGebra

Download GeoGebra

This tutorial explains how to download GeoGebra Classic 5.

Install GeoGebra

This tutorial explains how to install GeoGebra on multiple PCs.

Set up GeoGebra

This tutorial explains how to change some basic settings.

Move the graphics view

This tutorial explains how to move and scale the graphics view.

Inserting a picture

This tutorial explains how to insert a picture.

Introduction to geometry

This tutorial explains how to guide you through the basic tools.

Some ideas for using GeoGebra Classic 5 in the classroom.
Ideas for the Classroom

Bisect a line segment

This tutorial explains how to construct the perpendicular bisector of a line segment...

The equation of a circle

This tutorial presents a simple way to investigate the equation of a circle.

Introduction to statistics

This tutorial explains how to use GeoGebra with Census@SChool.

Instructional Manuals for GeoGebra Classic 5.

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