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Workshop: Financial Maths

This online two-hour event will explore teaching approaches that can be used to meet the learning outcomes of the Leaving Certificate syllabus commonly referred to as Financial Maths.  Rather than being treated as a standalone topic, we will explore how to support students to apply their understanding of sequences and series to model annuities, mortgages and other financial products. As part of this, problem solving and visual approaches will be emphasised.

 29th September 2022



17:00 – 19:00

Workshop: Challenging High-performing Students in Mathematics

This workshop will explore approaches to ensure that the high-performing students in our Maths classes are provided with challenges appropriate to their level of Maths. Effective use of rich tasks and formative assessment to progress all students’ learning will be dealt with in the workshop.
24th September 2022
Dublin West EC

09:15 – 13:15

Information Webinar: Online Course –  Using Geogebra to support conceptual understanding of Maths

This online tutorial series will provide teachers with the understanding and skills to utilise GeoGebra effectively with their students. This series supports teachers in using GeoGebra with their students to construct new learning for themselves. Anyone wishing to enrol for this course must attend the Information Webinar. 

Information Webinar

 20th October 2022

17:30 – 18:15

Information Webinar: Lesson-Study Programme

This webinar will provide teachers with an overview of Lesson Study as a transformative model of professional development. Teachers will get the opportunity to consider the benefits of different professional-development models and to explore the Lesson-Study cycle, the Teaching for Robust Understanding framework and the schedule for this year’s programme.
Lesson Study aligns itself with the Teaching and Learning Domain of Teachers’ Collective/Collaborative Practice from Looking at our School 2022 – A Quality Framework for Post-Primary Schools.

Information Webinar

 25th October 2022

 Information Webinar: Whole-School Numeracy

This webinar will support teachers to develop students’ numeracy skills by following the SSE process in implementing a whole-school numeracy plan. It will explore options for meaningfully integrating numeracy into the fabric of lessons across a range of subjects. The benefits of this approach compared to one which relies on numeracy moments will be explored.

Information Webinar

 15th November 2022

17:00 – 19:00

2-part Workshop – Algebra through the lens of functions

This two-part workshop will explore the use of algebra as a tool for understanding functions. Over the course of the day participants will have an opportunity to explore rich tasks on a variety of topics including:

  • Introducing quadratic relationships through growing patterns.
  • Investigating the key properties of different function families through the use of multiple representations.
  • Developing algebraic skills while investigating relations, functions, inverse functions and transformations of functions.
Venue Part 1
18:00 – 20:30
Part 2
18:00 – 20:30
Blackrock EC   29/11/22 7/02/23
Cork ESC 1/12/22 09/02/23
Drumcondra EC 1/12/22 09/02/23
Galway EC 06/12/22 21/02/23
Limerick EC 06/12/22 21/02/23
Waterford 07/12/22 22/02/23
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