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Modular course 5 focused on functions and inferential statistics The course was divided into 4 modules. A brief overview of the content of the modules as well as the resources used in each module are provided here.

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Modules 1 and 2

The first two modules of the course focused on content from strand 1 of the syllabuse – statistics. This content comprised material deferred during the introduction of the new project maths syllabus – namely inferential statistics. Topics visited included sampling variability, the relationships between a population and a sample and hypothesis testing.

Activity workbook pdf-icon     Presentation on inferential statistics PowerPoint-icon

Modules 3 and 4

The final two modules of the course focused on content relating to strand 5 of the syllabus – functions. Emphasis was placed on understanding what makes a relationship a function and the different types of function (surjective, injective, bijective) which exist.

Activity workbook pdf-icon     Presentation on functions PowerPoint-icon     Participant notes pdf-icon    Transforming functions Activity pdf-icon     Functions activities solutions pdf-icon