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Workshop 1 covered a wide range of material from an overview of Project Maths to the teaching of probability and statistics. If you missed workshop 1 or want to go back over some of the activities done on the day, you’ll find videos of the full workshop and all the resources used or references during the workshop below.

Resources used or referenced in workshop

Introduction to workshop 1 pdf-icon

Overview of Project Maths PowerPoint-icon

Rationale for Project Maths PowerPoint-icon

Time frame for Project Maths PowerPoint-icon

Support for Project Maths 

Overview of T&L – Introduction to probability pdf-icon

Overview of T&L – Probability and relative frequency pdf-icon

Introduction to teaching statistics pdf-icon

Resources for teaching statistics pdf-icon

Teacher survey webpage-icon

Notes to accompany teacher survey pdf-icon

Sample survey data excel-icon

Probability master data excel-icon

Probability Appletzip-icon

NCCA Website webpage-icon

National Centre for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching and Learning webpage-icon

Census at school website webpage-icon