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The Project Maths Development Team is delighted to release a brand new resource for teaching algebra.

Algebra through the Lens of Functions is designed for use by teachers of mathematics and has been written by The Maths Development Team in response to sustained requests by teachers for a single resource which highlights the connections between algebra, patterns and functions.

Over the course students are brought on a journey through algebra via a series of sample problems. Throughout each problem students are encouraged to apply their own prior knowledge before recognising the need for a new skill and then developing this skill under the guidance of the teacher.

Algebra Through The Lens of Functions
Algebra Through the Lens of Functions Part 1 of 2 should be used prior to engaging with Part 2. Both part 1 and part 2 treat the art of teaching algebra through the lens of functions through a series of units. The material contained in the document is suitable for all levels and abilities but is particularly suited to Junior Certificate Higher Level. It includes a discussion of activities, tasks and the formation of connections suitable for classroom use.
Download Algebra Through the Lens of Functions (Part 1 of 2)  here.

Get the accompanying student workbook here.

Get enlarged copies of each pattern for projecting on your whiteboard here.

Get an interactive PowerPoint with the enlarged copies of each pattern here.

Download Algebra Through the Lens of Functions (Part 2 of 2

All supporting materials are linked in the document.

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