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Support for the New School Year

The Maths Development Team is now known as the Post Primary Maths Team PDST. While our name is different we will be delivering the same high-quality support. In 2019-2020 we will be delivering a suite of workshops for Maths Teaching and Learning, carrying out school visits to support maths departments and running our well-established Lesson-Study programme – including a two day induction seminar in September.

For more information see the links below:

Lesson Plan Library

Come and explore our Lesson-Study Library. Thanks to all the work of our Lesson-Study teachers we have 50 quality lesson proposals which describe the teaching of a variety of topics through structured problem solving.

Visit our Lesson Study Library

Brand-New Resource for your Whiteboard

Transform your whiteboard using our vast array of background templates. Never draw a crooked x-y axes again and access many more backgrounds to enhance your teaching of probability, statistics, geometry, coordinate geometry, trigonometry, fractions, area & volume, sequences & series, financial maths, patterns, algebra, functions, calculus and much much more.

Find out more about the whiteboard backgrounds.

Exciting New Resource For Teaching Algebra

AlgebraDocumentSampleImagesAlgebra Through the Lens of Functions is a brand new resource for teaching algebra in a way which connects with patterns and functions. As a bonus, there’s also an accompanying student workbook and interactive PowerPoint for displaying on your whiteboard.

Take me to all these new resources for algebra.

Tutorials Explaining The Maths Behind Theorems And Constructions

BisectorImageUse these videos to enhance your students understanding of theorems and constructions in Geometry. See how a variety of theorems and constructions are connected and get ideas for helping you students understand Geometry for themselves.

Take me to the Geometry Tutorials.