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Complex Numbers – Making Connections across Different Strands of Mathematics

In this two hour online interactive workshop, we will investigate a constructivist approach to the teaching of Complex Numbers and explore the geometric view of Number to support making connections and sense making for our students. To book a place on this workshop please visit

Workshop Dates
Thursday November 12th
Thursday November 19th
Saturday November 21st

Teaching Geometry for Understanding – Part 3: Coordinate Geometry

This online interactive workshop will adopt an integrated approach to teaching coordinate geometry.
It will examine how to plan this approach by sequencing a series of lessons within a Unit of Work and explore ways in which a constructivist approach can improve students’ understanding of geometry.  To book, visit

Workshop Dates
Thursday  November 26th
Thursday  December 3rd
Saturday  December 12th

Developing Students’ Understanding of Calculus

This online seminar will explore the next steps after our blended learning resource (hyperlink to the page on website) on introducing calculus. These next steps include differentiation, anti-differentiation and Integral calculus. Details on booking this workshop will be available early in the next term.

These workshops will consist of a mix of facilitator presentation, participant activities and breakout room discussion. Registration details and booking information will be available shortly.