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If you missed any of the workshops or are looking for any of the resources which were showcased at a workshop you can access all workshop-related material here.

Seminar 2014-2015

The Project Maths Seminar focused on algebraic reasoning. Teachers were given the opportunity to discuss students’ difficulties when learning algebra and the most productive approaches to teaching key algebra skills. Presentations were given on introducing algebra through relationships and on making connections for understanding when teaching the circle. Read more

Workshop 1 – Probability & Statistics

Workshop deals with the rationale for introducing Project Maths, an introduction to probability and probability and relative frequency. Read more

Workshop 2 – Geometry & Trigonometry

Workshop 2 deals with an introduction to geometry and discussion of the common introductory course. Read more

Workshop 3 – Number and problem solving

Workshop 3 deals with the teaching of number and discusses how to actively engage students in problem-solving activities. Read more

Workshop 4 – Patterns

Workshop 4 focused on teaching of algebra using patterns and making connections in teaching maths. Read more

Workshop 5 – Statistics and algebra

Workshop 5 focused on statistics and algebra. Time was also given to discussing how to sequence the syllabus. Read more

Workshop 6 – Exploring connections and reasoning leading to proof

Workshop 6 focused on the concept of proof in geometry and number. Time was also spent discussing connections in the syllabus. Read more

Workshop 7 – Functions

Workshop 7 focused on teaching compound interest, exponential functions and logarithmic functions in a connected way. The workshop also dealt with shifting and scaling of quadratic functions. Read more

Workshop 8 – Functions, calculus and problem solving

Workshop 8 focused on functions and calculus. The concepts of limits and continuity were discussed followed by the modeling of a lesson on introducing calculus to students. Using problem-solving as a means to introduce new topics was also discussed. Read more

Workshop 9 – Connections and integral calculus

Workshop 9 focused on area and volume. Time was spent on investigating nets of different solids, on introducing the trapezoidal rule to students and on using integral calculus to calculate areas. The importance of making connections in the maths classroom was also discussed. Read more

Workshop 10 – Choosing different approaches for teaching and learning

Workshop 10 focused on number systems, inferential statistics and problem-solving. Different approaches to teaching topics within each of these sections were modeled. Read more