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How to filter for PDST resources on

2020-03-18 16:20:22 is a great site, full of great resources but if you want to filter for PDST PP Maths team resources then fo...Read more

Support for Teaching and Learning

2020-03-16 19:36:23

We're here to help If you have any questions or queries pertaining to the teaching and learning of mathematics over the next two weeks, please get in tou...Read more

School Visit Support

2018-09-04 15:01:27

...Read more

Lesson Study Induction Training

2018-09-04 14:37:53

For those of yo...Read more

Workshops for Newly Qualified Maths Teachers

2018-06-01 20:12:48

PDST Workshops for Post-Primary Mathematics Teachers 2019-2020 To meet demand, extra dates have been added for the Transition Year Workshop. Drumcondra EC Dec 4th Dublin West EC Dec 10...Read more

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