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Professional Development Programmes

The PP Maths team are available to provide a range of professional development programmes to teachers of Mathematics throughout 2022-2023. This support focuses on teachers coming together to reflect, discuss and develop teaching, learning and assessment practices designed to support developing classroom practice. 

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The two main programmes of professional development for the 2022-2023 school year are:


Numeracy encompasses the ability to use mathematical understanding and skills to solve problems and meet the demands of day-to-day living in complex social settings. A PDST advisor will work with your school exploring whole-school numeracy through our sustained support model of professional development. The Deep Dive in Numeracy involves a PDST Advisor and a pair of teachers, one Mathematics and one from a so-called carrier subject, collaborating in lesson design with a particular focus on developing numerical understanding across the subjects. Read more at our dedicated Numeracy page.

Lesson Study

Lesson Study is a form of professional development based around teachers collaborating to reflect on current practices and explore new approaches to the teaching, learning and assessment of Mathematics. Lesson Study is recognised internationally as being the most-effective form of professional development in changing classroom practices. Read more at our dedicated Lesson Study page.

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