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Get the most from your calculator

Calculators are an invaluable tool when doing maths. As a student you need to become proficient at using your calculator. An important part of this process is learning how your calculator carries out certain calculations. While calculators are an important tool for doing maths, you still need to understand how to do calculations without a calculator and to understand if the results of a calculation are reasonable or not.
You’ll find instructional videos and PowerPoints, and activities here to help you get the most out of your calculator.

New Resource! – Calculator Instructional Videos

Lowest Common Multiple (LCM)

Learn to use your calculator to calculate LCM

Prime Factors & HCF

Learn to find prime factors and calculate HCF

Calculating Means

Learn to find the mean of a dataset

Random Integers

Learn to generate random integers

Table Function for Graphing

Use your calculator to find couples for plotting a graph


Learn to calculate the number of combinations

Standard Deviation

Learn to calculate standard deviation

Correlation Coefficient

Learn to calculate correlation coefficient


Learn to use your calculator to calculate logs

Verify Mode

Learn to verify solutions on your calculator & see where it's useful in the classroo...

Casio Calculator

Sharp calculator