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Competitions and events are a great way to get students involved in thinking about maths outside the classroom. There are loads of maths competitions and events run across Ireland for students. Here are some which you might like to encourage your students to get involved in.

The MATHletes Challange

The MATHletes Challenge is a pioneering maths tournament for Ireland based on the Khan Academy approach to learning and teaching maths. Students compete online through the Khan Academy website, and face to face against their peers, with over €20,000 in prizes and the title of MATHletes Challenge All-Ireland Champion on offer. Find out more

The John Hooper Medal for Statistics

Run by the CSO, the John Hooper medal is awarded to the best poster designed by students to summarise their findings from a statistical research project they have undertaken. First prize is €1,600, second prize is €1000 and third prize is €600. The winning poster will represent Ireland at  The International Statistical Literacy Project poster competition. Find out more

Maths Week Ireland MangaHigh Games Challenge

In conjunction with Maths Week Ireland 2014, Mangahigh once again will be hosting an online maths competition. There are more prizes than ever this year, with better prizes for the winners and better prizes for the runners up. Find out more

The IMTA Junior Maths Competition

The IMTA have run a junior maths competition for the past 20 years. The first round of the competition happens within school, when students are given 40 minutes to solve various brain teasers. The results are judged by the IMTA and successful candidates are invited to regional finals. Find out more

The Irish Maths Olympiad

The Irish Mathematical Olympiad (IrMO) is a national mathematics contest for secondary school students. Training for this contest takes place at a number of mathematics enrichment centre saround the country. The performance of students in the IrMO is used to identify a team of up to six students who will represent Ireland at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), a prestigious international mathematics competition. Find out more