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2021 – 2022 Workshops

Algebra through the Lens of Functions Part 1

This workshop explored the use of algebra as a tool for understanding functions.  Participants had an opportunity to explore rich tasks on a variety of topics including:

  • Introducing quadratic relationships through growing patterns.
  • Investigating the key properties of different function families through the use of multiple representations.
  • Developing algebraic skills while investigating relations, functions, inverse functions and transformations of functions

The slides and a padlet of resources can be found at the links below:

Slides Padlet
2021 – 2022 Workshops


Inferential Statistics

This seminar explored the teaching and learning of Inferential Statistics using a constructivist approach. Encouraging learners to build on prior knowledge and use visual representations in this topic allows for deep conceptual understanding. The exploration of statistics in the real world formed a key part of this seminar, demonstrating the usefulness and power of statistics.

Workshop Slides.


Challenging all Students

This workshop examined the challenges and opportunities presented in catering for all levels of learners of Mathematics. A number of areas were explored including the design and use of rich tasks to engage all students and the use of formative feedback to move student’s learning forward. 
Workshop Slides.


Teaching Geometry for Understanding Part 1

This was the first in a series of interactive workshops exploring the teaching and learning of Geometry. This first workshop considered the challenges to teaching and barriers to student learning of Geometry. The use of rich tasks designed to meet the learning outcomes of the Leaving Certificate syllabus were explored. A social constructivist pedagogy chosen to progress students’ geometric thinking was also be examined.

Workshop Slides.


Investigating Connections Across Calculus

This seminar followed on from the distance learning resource Teaching Calculus for Understanding in May 2020 which explored the introduction of calculus to Senior Cycle using a constructivist approach. This seminar considered the next steps in the journey through calculus. The connection between a derivative and it’s parent function was investigated, integral calculus was introduced and an understanding of related rates of change was developed.

Seminar Slides.

Derivative Activity
Derivative Function

This video demonstrates how to use GeoGebra to explore the derivative of a function.

Links to GeoGebra Files

Digital Graph Matching Activity

Master Copy Derivative matching

A padlet of teaching resources was also made available to download.

Teaching Mathematics in a DEIS setting

This interactive online workshop examined some of the factors that affect teaching learning and assessment in the Mathematics classroom. Through exploration of the Teaching for Robust Understanding (TRU) framework the workshop facilitated the design of rich tasks as a productive approach for engaging students with Mathematics and developing students’ Mathematical competencies.

Workshop Slides

Workshop slides are available to download.


A padlet of teaching resources was also made available to download.

2020 – 2021 Workshops
Geometry Part 3: Coordinate Geometry Teaching Mathematics in a DEIS setting
Investigating Connections Across Calculus Complex Numbers
2020 – 2021 Webinar Series – Teaching Mathematics in the Current School Context
Webinar 1: Blended Teaching and Learning

The first webinar explored approaches to teaching Mathematics to support student learning in a blended learning environment and included input from a panel of practising Maths teachers who have experience of implementing such approaches. The panelists were Aidan Roche (Coláiste Bríde SS, Enniscorthy), Joe Geraghty (St Gerald’s DLS College, Castlebar) and Yvonne Marley (Old Bawn CS, Dublin).
Webinar 1 Full Recording
 Webinar 1 resource Padlet
Webinar 2: Remote Teaching & Learning

The second webinar considered key elements for effective remote teaching and provided some examples of these in practice. Participants had the chance to ask questions of PDST advisors and these were answered live.
Webinar 2 Full Recording
Webinar 2 resource padlet
Webinar 3: Using GeoGebra to Support Blended Learning in Mathematics

The third webinar explored the use of GeoGebra to support student learning, along with formative assessment techniques and using examples from the Geometry strand.
Webinar 3 Full Recording
Webinar 3 resource padlet 
2019 – 2020 Workshop Resources
Geometry for Understanding Teaching Maths in TY Algebra through Functions
2018 – 2019 NQT Workshop Resources
1. GeoGebra 2. Statisitcs and Probability 3. Geometry and Trigonometry
4. Number 5. Algebra and Functions 6. Problem Solving

  1. Workshop Slides
  2. Glass Roof Lantern
  3. eDrawings Viewer (Needed to view the Glass Roof Lantern)
2008 – 2015 Project Maths Workshops, Seminars & Courses

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