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Resources for 2019/2020 workshops will be uploaded when all parts of the workshop have been completed

Teaching Geometry for Understanding 2019 Full Day

Geometry through Enquiry Classroom

The series of workshops for 2018/2019 has now been completed.

All of the resources from these workshops are available below.

WS 1-Geogebra

Workshop 1 Booklet

WS 2-Statistics and Probability

Workshop 2 Booklet

WS 3-Geometry and Trigonometry

Workshop 3 Booklet

WS 4-Financial Maths

Workshop 4 booklet

WS 5-Algebra and Functions

Workshop 5 Booklet

WS5 Effective Questions for Introducing Calculus

WS 6-Problem Solving

The digital resources and 3D print resources from WS6 will follow soon…

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