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Modular course 2 covered content relating to strand 2 – geometry and trigonometry. The course was divided into 4 modules. A brief overview of the content of each module as well as the resources used in each module is provided here.

Module 1

The first module of the geometry and trigonometry course discusses theorems and construction. A discovery approach to introducing theorems to students is discussed as well as the importance of applying theorems to solve problems. The concept of proof is also addressed before an overview is given of which theorems, corollaries and constructions students at different levels are expected to know.

Module 1 workbook pdf-icon

Module 2

The second module of the geometry and trigonometry course discusses the terms associated with deductive reasoning and logic.  The concept of proof by contradiction is addressed and the application of constructions to problem solving is also discussed.

Module 2 workbook pdf-icon

Module 3

The third module of the geometry and trigonometry course introduces trigonometry in terms of its usefulness in solving real-world problems. The importance of similar triangles is discussed and an introduction to trigonometric functions based on the unit circle is provided.

Module 3 workbook pdf-icon

Module 4

The final module of the geometry and trigonometry course discusses coordinate geometry including points and lines. Transformations and symmetries are discussed including translations, axial symmetry, reflection through a point and enlargements.

Module 4 workbook pdf-icon

Here is a folder filled with various resources used over the course of the four modules – zip-icon.

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