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Modular course 3 covered content relating to strand 3 – Number and stand 4 – Algebra.. The course was divided into 4 modules. A brief overview of the content of each module as well as the resources used in each module are provided here.

Module 1

The first module of the number and algebra course dealt with linear patterns including arithmetic sequences and linear functions. The concepts of starting value and rate of change were discussed including methods for identifying each from tables, graphs and formulae.

Module 1 Presentation pdf-icon     Module 1 Activities pdf-icon

Module 2

The second module of the number and algebra course dealt with the idea that not all real-life situations can be accurately modeled using a linear pattern. This lead to the introduction of quadratic, cubic and exponential patterns and an investigation of the main features / properties of each function type.

Module 2 presentation     PowerPoint-icon    Module 2 activities pdf-icon    Aeroplane take off  geogebra-icon     Angry birds geogebra-icon    Video on exponential growth Video-Icon

Module 3

Module 3 of the number and algebra course focused on investigating more complicated quadratic and exponential patterns. As part of this process geometric sequences were introduced and their general properties discussed. Time was also given to investigation arithmetic-geometric sequences.

Module 3 presentation pdf-icon     Module 3 activities  pdf-icon (includes module 4 activities)

Module 4

The final module of the number and algebra course focused on geometric sequences and exponential functions in the context of finance. Time was spent using knowledge of geometric sequences to solve problems involving compound interest, reducing balance, annual equivalent interest rates and amortisations.

Module 4 presentation pdf-icon     Module 4 activities  pdf-icon (includes module 3 activities)

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