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Workshop 7 focused on functions.  Time was spent making connections between compound interest, geometric sequences, exponential functions and logarithmic functions. As part of this process a lesson on introducing e to students was modeled. Shifting and scaling of quadratic functions was also addressed. If you missed workshop 7 or want to go back over some of the activities done on the day, you’ll find videos of the full workshop and all the resources used or references during the workshop below.

Workshop 7 videos

Workshop 7

Part 1

Workshop 7

Part 2

Workshop 7

Part 3

Resources used or referenced in workshop

Teacher resource booklet pdf-icon

Exploring numbers in context pdf-icon

Investigating compound interest PowerPoint-icon

Teaching and learning plan on applications of geometric sequences and series PowerPoint-icon  pdf-icon

Comparing linear growth and compound growth geogebra-icon

Reducing balance PowerPoint-icon

Introducing exponential functions pdf-icon

Investigating the function y=2x geogebra-icon

Indices tasks PowerPoint-icon

Student competency test on indices Word-icon

Instructions on using the competency test on indices Word-icon

Introduction to exponential growth Video-Icon

Visualising e PowerPoint-icon

Discrete compounding approximating continuous compounding geogebra-icon

Understanding e as a limit geogebra-icon

Teaching and learning plan on introducing e pdf-icon

Introducing logarithms pdf-icon

Introduction to logarithmic functions Video-Icon

Logarithms in the world around us Video-Icon

Using logarithms to expand and contract numbers greater than 1 geogebra-icon

Using logarithms to expand and contract numbers less than 1 geogebra-icon

Understanding the relationship between exponential and logarithmic functions geogebra-icon

Shifting and scaling functions PowerPoint-icon

Graph matching activity on functions pdf-icon

Types of functions pdf-icon

Poster summarising shifting and scaling quadratic functions pdf-icon

Assessment for learning place mat PowerPoint-icon

Ready-made tarsia activities webpage-icon

Download Formulator Tarsia software webpage-icon

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