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Modular course 4 focused on problem solving and financial maths. The course was divided into 4 modules. A brief overview of the content of each module as well as the resources used in each module are provided here.

Module 1

The first module dealt with problem solving around number which included investigation of the different characteristics of odd numbers, even numbers and consecutive numbers. General approaches to problem solving and the value of using a problem-solving approach to learning were discussed

Module 1 presentation pdf-icon     Booklet on problem solving  pdf-icon

Module 2

The second module continued the work from the first module on problem solving. Problems based on the properties of different types of numbers were again discussed as well as problems based around geometry and spatial reasoning. The usefulness of algebra when facing problems relating to patterns was also featured.

Module 2 presentation pdf-icon     Booklet on problem solving  pdf-icon      Expanding car park geogebra-icon     Archimedes method of exhaustion PowerPoint-icon     Net of a cone geogebra-icon     Net of a cylinder geogebra-icon     Net of a cube geogebra-icon     Apollo 11 video Video-Icon

Module 3

The third module of the course dealt with content relating to applications of geometric sequences and series. This is often referred to as financial maths. The module commenced with a review of patterns and an exponential patterns was then used to lead into problems around compound interest including calculating AER. The characteristics of continuous investments or annuities were also treated.

Module 3 presentation pdf-icon     Booklet on financial maths pdf-icon

Module 4

The final module of the course focused on the concepts of present and future value of an investment. Through understanding each of these problems based on annuities and amortisation were discussed. The concept of APR was also visited.

Module 4 presentation pdf-icon     Booklet on financial maths pdf-icon     Extra questions on financial maths pdf-icon

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