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Workshop 8 focused on functions and introducing differential calculus. Time was also spent discussing problem-solving and the usefulness of developing a classroom culture of problem solving. If you missed workshop 8 or want to go back over some of the activities done on the day, you’ll find videos of the full workshop and all the resources used or references during the workshop below.

Workshop 8 videos

Workshop 8

Part 1

Workshop 8

Part 2

Workshop 8

Part 3

Resources used or referenced in workshop

Teacher resource booklet pdf-icon

Limits and continuity PowerPoint-icon

Discrete compounding approaching continuous compounding geogebra-icon

Introduction to calculus pdf-icon

Investigating rates of change using filling cylinders geogebra-icon

Investigating rates of change using a filling cone geogebra-icon

Investigating rate of change using a filling vase geogebra-icon

Examining filling flasks and their graphs webpage-icon

Using angry birds to introduce calculus geogebra-icon

Relating the derivative of a function to its slope PowerPoint-icon

Discovering the rules for finding the derivative of polynomial functions geogebra-icon

Relating a cubic function to its derivatives geogebra-icon

Sketching derivatives PowerPoint-icon

Curve sketching the first and second derivatives of six functions geogebra-icon

Curve sketching the first and second derivatives of any function geogebra-icon

Graph matching functions and derivatives activity pdf-icon

Solutions to graph matching functions and derivatives activity PowerPoint-icon

More activities on graph matching derivatives and functions webpage-icon

Problem solving as a means and not as an end PowerPoint-icon

Using GeoGebra for teaching calculus pdf-icon

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