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Workshop 9 focused on discussing the importance of connections in the teaching and learning of mathematics. The workshop looked at the different connections teachers might make in their classroom. The workshop also focused on area and volume in terms of the nets of solids, the trapezoidal rule and integral calculus. If you missed workshop 9 or want to go back over some of the activities done on the day, you’ll find videos of the full workshop and all the resources used or references during the workshop below.

Workshop 9 videos

Workshop 9

Part 1

Workshop 9

Part 2

Workshop 9

Part 3

Resources used or referenced in workshop

Teacher resource booklet pdf-icon

Making connections in the maths classroom pdf-icon

Introducing the trapezoidal rule pdf-icon

Trapezoidal rule calculations excel-icon

Introducing integral calculus PowerPoint-icon

Teaching and learning plan on introducing integral calculus PowerPoint-icon pdf-icon

Understanding the derivative of a vertically-shifted function geogebra-icon

Area by sum of rectanglesgeogebra-icon

Introducing nets PowerPoint-icon

Visualising a prism geogebra-icon

Understanding the volume of a rectangular solid geogebra-icon

The eleven nets of a cube geogebra-icon

Poster on the eleven nets of a cube pdf-icon

Poster on the nets of a cube pdf-icon

Poster on the nets of a cuboid pdf-icon

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