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Workshop 10 focused on the importance of using a variety of approaches and strategies when teaching and learning Mathematics. Time was spent discussing inferential statistics and in particular deferred material which will be examined for Leaving Cert. 2015. Activities on problem-solving and an overview of the process of lesson study were also gone through on the day. If you missed workshop 10 or want to go back over some of the activities done on the day, you’ll find videos of the full workshop and all the resources used or references during the workshop below. You will find all resources used in workshop 7 here including videos of the full day.

Workshop 10 videos

Workshop 10

Part 1

Workshop 10

Part 2

Workshop 10

Part 3

Resources used or referenced in workshop

Teacher resource booklet pdf-icon

Choosing different teaching approaches and strategies PowerPoint-icon

Overview of lesson study PowerPoint-icon

Introducing number systems PowerPoint-icon

Student quiz on number systems PowerPoint-icon

Student question on number systems PowerPoint-icon

Inferential statistics PowerPoint-icon

Teaching and learning plan on inferential statistics for proportions pdf-icon

Understanding the confidence interval for a proportion geogebra-icon

The sampling distribution of a proportion geogebra-icon

Visualising the distribution of sample means geogebra-icon

Visualising the central limit theorem geogebra-icon

Expected value PowerPoint-icon

Using a spinner to investigate expected value geogebra-icon

Deal or no deal excel-icon

Tilted squares  geogebra-icon

Surd triangles geogebra-icon

Problem solving PowerPoint-icon

Locker and post-it problem webpage-icon

Tilted squares problem webpage-icon

Constructing a square with are equal to 29 square units geogebra-icon

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