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The Project Maths Team has commenced school visits for the new school year. The visits will build on the work done by teachers at the most recent Project Maths seminar and will focus on teaching and learning through reflecting on practice. The major goals of the school visit are to help teachers:
  • Recognise key mathematical ideas with which students are grappling
  • Appreciate students’ thinking
  • Develop questioning that will help students deepen their mathematical understanding
  • Analyse tasks to uncover the mathematics students will learn from them
  • Make more mathematical connections for themselves to enhance their ability to help students to do so
  • Reflection on current department practices and school based initiatives arising from the Seminar.
If you are due a school visit this term, your principal will have received a letter outlining details of the visit. The Regional Development Officer assigned to your school will be in touch a couple of weeks before the visit to discuss the particular needs of your school’s maths department.
At the end of the school visit you will be asked to fill out an on-line evaluation which you can access here.
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