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Seminar 2014-2015 focused mainly on algebraic reasoning. There was also time given to discussing problem-solving and how to make connections in Maths teaching. If you missed the seminar or want to go back over some of the activities done on the day, you’ll find videos of the full seminar and all the resources used or references during the seminar below.

Seminar videos

Seminar 2014-2015

Part 1

Seminar 2014-2015

Part 2

Seminar 2014-2015

Part 3

Resources used or referenced in seminar

Some of the resources used or referenced during the seminar are available here. Any remaining resources will be posted when the seminar is finished.

The teacher resource bookletpdf-icon

Drawing a freehand circle Word-icon

Introduction to the student competency test on algebraic reasoning Word-icon

Student competency test on algebraic reasoning pdf-icon

Solutions to the student competency test on algebraic reasoning pdf-icon

In 2007, the Nuffield Foundation commissioned a team from the University of Oxford to review the available research literature on how children learn mathematics. This paper deals with Algebraic Reasoning.  pdf-icon

Algebraic reasoning is a gatekeeper for students in their efforts to progress in mathematics and science (Greenes et al., 2001). An early introduction gives all students more opportunities in later mathematics  and career choices, and it may serve to support the transition to formal algebra in secondary grades, which research has shown to be difficult for most students (e.g., Kieran, 1992). This paper discusses the problems faced by students when trying to develop their algebraic reasoning. pdf-icon

Document from online maths community on damaging shortcuts taken in maths teaching. pdf-icon

Template on problem solving Word-icon

Tarsias (jigsaws) on language associated with the circle. zip-icon

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