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Welcome to the teacher area of the project maths website. Here you will find resources to help you with your teaching and support for professional development. You can navigate the teacher area using the menu on the left-hand side of the page.

Below are highlights of some of the most-recent additions to

New for Teachers

Sign up for Reflections on Practice 2016/2017

ROPImage1Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join an ever-growing community of maths teachers who are taking charge of their professional development through collaboration with other teachers. You’ll receive three day’s training (substitution provided) and ongoing support throughout the school year.

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Exciting New Resource For Teaching Algebra

AlgebraDocumentSampleImagesAlgebra Through the Lens of Functions is a brand new resource for teaching algebra in a way which connects with patterns and functions. As a bonus, there’s also an accompanying student workbook and interactive PowerPoint for displaying on your whiteboard.

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Coming Soon: Census @ School for 2016/2017

CensusAtSchool1617The new Census @ School student questionnaire for 2016/2017 will be launched shortly. Using real data can help deepen students’ understanding of statistics and help them to see the relevance of statistics in today’s world. Learn to use Census @ School with our step-by-step teacher guide.

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Tutorials Explaining The Maths Behind Theorems And Constructions

BisectorImageUse these videos to enhance your students understanding of theorems and constructions in Geometry. See how a variety of theorems and constructions are connected and get ideas for helping you students understand Geometry for themselves.

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Problem-Solving Lessons Developed by Teachers

MCAfter1Teachers from across Ireland have been involved in the design and teaching of their own problem-solving lessons through the Reflections on Practice initiative. All this hard work produced 25 lesson plans which teach a wide variety of mathematical concepts via structured problem-solving. These 25 lessons were presented by participating teachers at Maths Counts 2016. You can access all the lessons on our Maths Counts 2016 page.

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