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There are a vast array of  teaching and learning plans available on Each teaching and learning plan is structured as follows:

Aims outline what the lesson, or series of lessons, hopes to achieve. Prior Knowledge points to relevant knowledge students may already have and also to knowledge which may be necessary in order to support them in accessing this new topic.

Learning outcomes outline what a student will be able to do, know and understand having completed the topic. Relationship to Syllabus refers to the relevant section of either the Junior and/or Leaving Certificate Syllabus.

Resources required lists the resources which will be needed in the teaching and learning of a particular topic. Introducing the topic (in some plans only) outlines an approach to introducing the topic.

Lesson Interaction is set out under four sub-headings:

  • Student learning tasks – Teacher Input: Focuses on teacher input and gives details of the key student tasks and teacher questions which move the lesson forward.
  • Student activities – Possible and Expected Responses: Gives details of possible student reactions and responses and possible misconceptions students may have.
  • Teacher’s Support and Actions : Gives details of teacher actions designed to support and scaffold student learning.
  • Checking Understanding: Suggests questions a teacher might ask to evaluate whether the goals/learning outcomes are being/have been achieved. This evaluation will inform and direct the teaching and learning activities of the next class(es).

Student Activities linked to the lesson(s) are provided at the end of each plan.

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