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This strand focuses on determining probability from random events and generating and investigating data. Students explore the relationship between experimental and theoretical probability as well as completing a data investigation; from formulating a question and designing the investigation through to interpreting their results in context and communicating their findings. Learners use graphical and numerical tools, including summary statistics and the concepts and processes of probability, to explore and analyse patterns in data. Through these activities, learners gain an understanding of data analysis as a tool for learning about the world.

-Junior Cycle Specification page 11

The following teaching and learning plans are available:

Introduction to Probability Fair Trials with two Dice
Probability and Relative Frequency Outcomes Of Coin Tosses
Introduction to Playing Cards


The Census at School Resources and Guide Page contains an overview of how to use Census at School for the teaching of Statistics.
Some useful resources for teaching Probability and Statistics can be found on the Workshop and Event Resources Page, in particular, Project Maths Workshop 1, Workshop 5, Workshop 10 and Modular Course 1 (2008 – 2015).
GeoGebra tutorials on using the Spreadsheet View may useful for the teaching of Probability and Statistics.
A document on the Data Handling Cycle provides a comprehensive overview of the data-handling cycle; gathering data, classification of data, graphical representation and analysis of data.
This mindmap present a summary of the statistical concepts for Junior Certificate.
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