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This strand focuses on analysing characteristics and properties of two- and three-dimensional geometric shapes. Learners use geometry and trigonometry to model and solve problems involving area, length, volume, and angle measure. They develop mathematical arguments about geometric relationships and explore the concept of formal proof, using deduction to establish the validity of certain geometric conjectures and critiquing the arguments of others.

-Junior Cycle Specification page 11

The following teaching and learning plans are available:

Introduction to Angles
Planes and Points
Introduction to Trigonometry
Visit our dedicated Geometry page with resources outlining the key Van Hiele Theory of Geometric Understanding along with examples that you can use in the class room.
Some useful resources for teaching Geometry and Trigonometry can be found on the Workshop and Event Resources Page, in particular, Teaching Geometry for Understanding (2019 – 2020), NQT Workshop 3 (2018 – 2019), Project Maths Workshop 2 , Modular Course 2 (2008 – 2015) and Seminar (2014 – 2015).
GeoGebra tutorials on using the Geometry App  may useful for the teaching of Geometry and Trigonometry.
An instructional video explaining how the use of Digital Geoboards  may be useful for the teaching of Geometry and Trigonometry.
This series of posters highlighting Geometry in the world around us. Posters can also be downloaded as individual files. This poster demonstrates the use of circle theorems, to judge a freehand circle-drawing competition.
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