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This strand builds on the relations-based approach of junior cycle where the five main objectives were

  • to make use of letter symbols for numeric quantities
  • to emphasise relationship based algebra
  • to connect graphical and symbolic representations of algebraic concepts
  • to use real life problems as vehicles to motivate the use of algebra and algebraic thinking
  • to use appropriate graphing technologies (graphing calculators, computer software) throughout the strand activities.

Learners build on their proficiency in moving among equations, tables and graphs and become more adept at solving real-world problems.

As they engage with this strand and make connections across other strands, learners develop and reinforce their synthesis and problem-solving skills.

-Leaving Certificate Syllabus page 35

General Resources for Geometry and Trigonometry
The following teaching and learning guides are available:

Algebra through the lens of functions (Linear)
Algebra through the lens of functions (Quadratic)

A padlet of resources may be useful when used in conjunction with the teaching and learning guides.

Resources from the Number Section may be useful for supporting the teaching and learning of Algebra.
Resources from the Junior Cycle page may be useful for teaching the Foundation Level Syllabus.
Some useful resources for teaching Algebra can be found on the Workshop and Event Resources Page, in particular,  Complex Numbers Online Workshop (2020 – 2021) Algebra through the lens of Functions (2019 – 2020), NQT Workshop 5 (2018 – 2019), Project Maths Workshop 5 , Modular Course 3   (2008 – 2015) and Seminar (2014 – 2015).
GeoGebra tutorials on using the Graphing Calculator may useful for the teaching of Algebra.
An instructional video explaining how the use of Digital Algebra Tiles  may be useful for the teaching of Algebra.
There are a range of lesson plans developed by teachers available in our Lesson Study Library.
There are a range of resources created by teachers available on Scoilnet to support teaching and learning of Algebra. 
Resources by Syllabus Outcome

Outcome 4.1


These linear and quadratic pattern packs can be used with the Algebra through the Lens of Functions documents (see above). This simple problem introduces inequalities using a multi-representational approach starting with a table.
This Poster highlights connections between linear patterns and other syllabus topics.
These student activities can be used to support development of student understanding of linear rates of change.
This GeoGebra file and accompanying instruction handout supports the investigation of non linear patterns.

Outcome 4.2

Solving Equations
This GeoGebra file investigates solving Linear and Quadratic expressions simultaneously.

Outcome 4.3


This student activity used with the GeoGebra file supports the exploration of inequalities in context.
This student activity used with the GeoGebra file supports the exploration of quadratic inequalities.

Outcome 4.4

Complex Numbers

Refer to Strand 3, Learning Outcome 3.1 
A sample proof of DeMoivre’s Theorem for teachers.

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