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Maths Counts 2015

““I thought today was brilliant. This has given me lots of simple ideas to keep students focused and to ensure student learning.” – Teacher feedback from Maths Counts 2015

Maths featured prominently last weekend in UCD as the Project Maths Development Team hosted their second conference: Maths Counts 2015.

Central to the conference, were the presentations made by teachers involved in the Reflections on Practice initiative on teaching and learning mathematics in post-primary schools. Other significant developments dealt with at the conference which are at the core of professional practice at post-primary level were: the relation between Summative and Formative assessment, Key Skills and the Literacy & Numeracy strategy.

Thanks to our keynote speaker – Professor Geoffrey Wake – who gave a comprehensive overview of his experience of teaching students to be effective problem solvers. Many of Geoffrey’s insights really resonated with teachers, especially those involved in Reflections on Practice.

Thanks also to our guest speakers from The State Examinations Commission, the National Council for Curriculum Assessment and Maths Inspectorate who provided teachers with valuable insights into assessment, curriculum development and self evaluation.

Thank you to all our exhibitors and particularly our main sponsor, Microsoft, who took the time to talk to teachers about all the invaluable teaching resources which are available.

A final thanks to the teachers who participated in the Reflections on Practice initiative, for their commitment, time and professional input over the last number of months. Their visionary presentations released new energies at Maths Counts 2015.

Materials presented at the conference are available below.

Conference videos

Keynote address by Prof. Geoffrey Wake

Professor Wake outlines his experience of developing students' problem solving.

Introducing quadratic graphs

Sean MacCormaic discusses how to get students to understand quadratics for themselve...

Introducing simultaneous equations

Natalie Noone gives an overview of teaching simultaneous equations.

Appropriate use of exam questions

Pearse Ryan discusses the appropriate use of exam questions in teaching.

Teaching problem solving

Kevin Carey discusses the teaching of problem solving.


Presentations by guest speakers

Lesson plans developed by teachers

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